What does the “Unified Social Credit Code” for companies in China mean?

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The “Unified Social Credit Code” for companies in China is an identifier for a company in this country that links a company with Chinese authorities so Chinese authorities can supervise legal operations of every company when referring to this identifier.

For example, the “Unified Social Credit Code” is always inscribed on the company's license and has the following spelling in Chinese: 统一社会信用代码.

 统一社会信用代码 is pronounced as; tǒng-yī-shè-huì-xìn- yòng-dài-mǎ.

In accordance with Chinese legislation, the "Unified Social Credit Code" for companies is consolidated on the basis of these three certificates;

  1. a license for conducting business activities;
  2. a certificate of assignment of the organisational structure code;
  3. a certificate of registration with the tax authority.

Published: 28 March 2021
Updated: 9 May 2022

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